You make your own luck. There is no curse!

Tricia Tanaka is dead • season 3 • episode 10

Nick, 20 – Daytona Beach (Florida, USA) :

This episode was full of hope, and the scene near the end of the episode with Hurley, Charlie, Jin and Sawyer remains as one of my all-time favorite Lost moments. I still tense up when they are careening down the hill while Hurley tries to get the van started, even though I know the result. When the van kicks into gear, and the song “Shambala” starts playing, I can’t help but cheer with them. This moment is made all the better by the following scene with Jin bringing Sun a flower, Charlie with Claire, Sawyer holding a beer and wondering about Kate, and Hurley who is still near the van, with the orchestral version of “Shambala” playing in the background. Who knew you could capture the beauty and emotion of hope on television?