For six years, Lost has been a thrilling, multi-layered TV experience : a highly-entertaining show with an Indy-esque sense of fun and mind-melting mysteries. An introspective, character-driven journey about human flaws and redemption. A complex tale of faith, reason, and destiny – among other really cool stuffs like polar bears, cursed numbers, quantum physics and jaw-dropping cliffhangers.

The series became a cultural landmark by creating an intimate connexion with its core audience. Ask any Lost fan : all of them could tell your one or twenty moments that defined their love for the show.

My name is JB, a french, 28-year old web guy and journalist (e-mail). As a LOST fan, I decided to pay homage to the show by collecting fans’ memories of LOST and, hopefully, being able to retell this beautiful story from the viewers’ perspective, all across the globe.

I know, the show is full of catch-them-if-you-can details, memorable dialogues and stunning scenes, and picking only one moment is tricky, but that’s the fun of it. Here’s my LOST moment. What’s yours?

All images provided by Lost-media.com