It’s never been easy!

Orientation • season 2 • episode 3

Joshua, 21 – Leeds (United Kingdom) :

It’s never been easy!” – John Locke’s words when arguing with Jack in Season 2. Both Jack and John are in dispute about pushing the button in the hatch, when Jack asks John why he finds it so easy to “believe”. Johns response has still stuck with me to this day. It’s never been easy.

John Locke was portrayed as such a broken man, which is how many of us feel. Lost in the world, no where to go, the feeling of nothing to look forward too, but still he held on to a feeling. A feeling something was around the corner. He had faith. Ever since that episode I watched Locke attentively, and enjoyed Lost on another level. But more than anything, since that episode I have questioned my purpose. Lost is truly storytelling at its best, a compelling piece of art which cannot be touched by any other format today, and has touched my soul more than anything else in this world.

Jason, 32 – Greenville (South Carolina, USA) :

I’ve always been a man of faith, much like Locke. And while I cannot say I’ve been down the same journey as a character like Locke, I can relate to his internal struggles as he questions everything he’s ever believed.

I started watching the show at the insistence of my mother and fell in love with the show during the middle of the first season. During the midsummer hiatus, a car accident claimed my mother’s life. My mom had been my moral anchor on so many levels, and, while a young adult, I was still struggling to adjust to college life. While there weremoments that my life felt as though it was crumbling around me, seeing Locke confess that his faith in the Island was ever present, but harder than it seemed, reminded me that faith is never an easy path, even if we know it’s the right one.