I’ve done everything you wanted me to do, so why did you do this to me!

Deus Ex Machina • season 1 • episode 19

Daniela, 25 – Santiago (Chile) :

I think all my Lost moments concern John Locke. He’s my favourite character. Sure, he’s got lot of amazing moments, but my personal favourite is from season 1, when the hatch lights up in episode “Deus Ex Machina”. It’s after Boone dies and Aaron is born. I think that scene is a defining moment for Locke’s story and character development for the rest of the six seasons. You see this man, who’s suffered enormously in his life and who has finally found a motivation, a purpose, a meaning. I’ve always found the discussion of free will VS fate VS coincidence very interesting. Everything John Locke does after this, all of his actions, are linked to this moment. Imagine finding or going through something so powerful, so moving, that you are absolutely convinced that this is your calling in life. All of this, combined with Terry O’Quinn performance and Michael Giacchino’s music, makes this scene my favourite Lost moment. I have others, but this does it for me. Everytime I watch I get real goosebumps and a little teary eyed. I love John Locke!

Felix, 13 – Chichester (England) :

I know somebody has already done this but I couldn’t think of any other moment which stuck with me the same as this one. After what had been a stunning hour of TV, the ending of the episode was incredibly moving as John desperately banged on the hatch door begging for a reason for his suffering. Before the Island he had been physically and mentally lost. The Island healed him and presented him with a destiny – a purpose. John’s life had been broken and his destiny was the Island, however it seemed his efforts to fulfil his destiny had been futile. Then, in a moment I was sure John was going to lose faith, a light comes on. A glimmer of hope. That this really is his destiny, that all the suffering in his life has been leading to this. When I first watched this, I found a tear forming in my eye and I realised that this was a truly extraordinary work of art. Whenever I watch this clip again, I always get a lump in my throat.