What’s done is done.

The Incident, Part 2 • Season 5 • Episode 17

Aman, 18 — Birmingham (United Kingdom):

I first watched Lost when I was 12 and fell in love with the TV show. Rewatching it with older eyes makes me appreciate how beautiful it was and how it taught many lessons to me, even though I was too young to understand.

My Lost moment occurred to me whilst rewatching recently as an adult. [It] is when Jack and Sawyer are talking in an episode of season 5. Sawyer brings up his tragic past to Jack but tells Jack something that has stuck with me for life. He goes on about how he could have hopped on the sub last year and stopped his father from killing anyone.

But he didn’t because “what’s done is done.”

That resonated with me quite profoundly as I saw a lot of myself in Jack. Jack was someone who couldn’t let go, he always believed he could “fix it”. However life is suffering and we have to let go and move on, even when we don’t want to or can’t see how to. I lost my grandfather recently and I’m still trying to let go as it’s not easy, but it’s important that we all know we should be trying to move on and continue forward. Not try and fix the past but experience the future.

There are many other great moments in Lost but this has to be my moment , where I truly realized this was more than a TV show.