Miles! I need you.

Some like it hoth • season 5 • episode 13

Lisa, 24 – Eskilstuna (Sweden) :

It’s of course very hard to choose only one moment from a series as epic as Lost. The moment I finally chose, I think, shows a lot of the things I loved about the show. The show for me was about weird and impossibly things happening and people reacting to those things. It was also a show about an almost infinite number of characters who all got their own story to tell even if we didn’t get to know all those stories.
Therefore my Lost moment is when Miles, in 1977, watches his father read to himself as a child. I chose this moment because it’s so impossible and paradoxical but at the same time also very real and emotional. You can understand how Miles feels even though this is not a situation any of us will ever experience.
I also love that the show actually gives a moment like this to a character like Miles, who we previous of this episode knew little about and who frankly wasn’t that relatable. With the entire episode and especially this moment, Miles becames a character that we understand and care for. We understood why he was like he was and what his motivations were. Also I just love the expression on little Miles face during this scene, he is just so adorable when he is giggling. This is also a great contrast to adult Miles who always who seems bit bitter and have trouble connecting with people. At the end of the scene, when Dr. Chang comes out and tells Miles that he needs him, Miles answers very eagerly and you can almost feel his longing to have the love from his father that he clearly had as a child. It leaves us wondering what happened that took that away.