It won’t be too much if I carry it for you.

Exodus, Part 2 • Season 1 • Episode 24/25

TJ, 39 — Ocean View (New Jersey, USA):

Especially early on, I always wondered why more people weren’t totally freaking out and losing their cool on The Island. I guess frequent histrionics don’t make for the best storytelling, but I always appreciated when we got to see a character’s vulnerability.

In “Exodus”, Shannon is determinedly lugging this suitcase across the sand. Sayid confronts her about it and she says, “it’s too much.” Without missing a beat, Sayid says, “it won’t be too much if I carry it for you.”

Other people can be… disappointing. But Lost shows us how “nobody does it alone.” Life is an interconnected web and with that connection comes the potential for terrible pain and also, tremendous compassion and comfort.

In a world of social distancing for almost a year, Lost reminds me that when we are at our best, we can choose to help each other carry the weight when it gets to be too much.