You didn’t like the old me, Kate.

Whatever happened, happened • season 5 • episode 11

Berninger, 43 – Norway :

In season five, Jack finally tells Kate to **** off.
I LOVE the look on his face when he calmly tells her she never liked the old him in reply to her petulant, bratty criticism of the “new Jack”. I have NEVER understood how a man like him can stand the kind of treatment Kate had heaped on him for five seasons and it was SO good to see him stand up to her worthless scummy self. “You didn’t like the old me, Kate” is basically my favorite Jack line ever. Based on how badly she treated the old him, truer words were never spoken.
The “old Jack” was lied to, manipulated and neglected by Kate and when he needed her most and was a desperate, lonely man who asked her to go to Locke’s funeral with him because he was so alone and badly needed a friend, she slapped him and abandoned Jack for daring to feel betrayed that Kate lied to him for her ex and went behind his back. Kate NEVER took any responsibility for any of that or for murder so it’s hardly any wonder.
It felt so good to see Jack standing up to someone as trashy and pathologically selfish as Kate who NEVER got her comeuppance for all the suffering she caused and was treated like a poor victim tot he very end, there was a loud cheer in the room around me. The only Kate episode that was ever worth a damn thanks to that one scene so it’s pretty memorable.