You felt it.

Happily Ever After • Season 6 • episode 11

Sydney, 15 — Orlando  (Florida, USA):

My “Lost moment” is in the episode “Happily Ever After” in season 6, which depicts and explains Desmond’s “other life”. He has just spoken with Eloise about losing track of Charlie and is about to drive off with George as his chauffeur when Daniel “Widmore” (Faraday is his last name in his original life) approaches him and explains how, after seeing Charlotte (whom he hasn’t met in this lifetime) in a food court, he “felt it”, how he felt love, and how it was like he already loved Charlotte. He proceeds to tell Desmond that after waking up the next morning he wrote a series of equations about releasing an extreme amount of energy, and tells Desmond he couldn’t possibly know these quantum mechanics equations due to his career choice: a pianist. At the end of the scene, Daniel explains to Desmond that this “Penny” IS real, and that she is actually his half sister.

Lots of scenes mean a lot to me, some equal with this one, but I chose this one because at my stage in life, I am trying to figure out what really matters, and Lost has certainly made it clear, and couldn’t have come at a better time. This scene features Desmond’s uncertainty with the whole scenario, because he pretty much is a man of logic shown when he states that Penny is just an idea, and can’t wrap his head around it. I’m typically the same way, and when Daniel was speaking to Desmond, he also spoke to me.

Also, I ponder death quite a bit, and the possiblity of the whole “second life” scenario has touched me. “What if this wasn’t SUPPOSED to be our life?” really hit me in ways I cannot even explain.

This scene, and Lost in general, taught me at a most critical time what truly is important. That trust and love are what really matter, and to make the most of the short life we are graciously given. I was always someone who thought logic was all that counted in life, it was the only way to get somewhere. Thanks to Lost, I now know how wrong I was.