You taste like strawberries.

The Glass Ballerina • Season 3 • Episode 2

Emma, 17 — Paris (France) :

Everyone’s favorite moments are already perfect but I wanted to add one that is particularly important to me.
When Kate and Sawyer are back in their cages after their first day working for the Others and after they kissed, Sawyer says : “I noticed something else, too. You taste like strawberries.
Sawyer is always trying to look like this tough and not so sensitive guy and he has a hard time expressing his feelings and we he does it, you have to translate it! This phrase is his own way of saying that he likes her and I thought it was very sweet. He doesn’t want people to see that he cares but you can just read it in his eyes that he’s falling for Kate.
So I wanted to honor this moment where Sawyer opens his heart in a beautiful way — in my eyes at least !