You’re MINE!

The other woman • season 4 • episode 6

Silvia, 21 – California (USA) :

This is definitely one of my many favorite Lost moments! Just the way Ben’s voice gets all shaky and serious when he’s explaining to Juliet why he asked Goodwin to join the camp group knowing he would be killed, then the eerie tone in his voice when he yells “YOU’RE MINE!“. He acts like a child who always wants his way… except he’s far more dangerous and evil!
Also, not to mention the way he can becomes so angry and emotional then just wipes all emotions from his face and calmy says “Take as much time as you need” then proceeds to turn and skip off into the distance [laughs]… It gives me goosebumps. It seems as if it his way of being romantic, but in a very twisted and evil way. Michael Emerson is an amazing actor and one of my favorite characters on the show.