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Whatever Happened, Happened • season 5 • episode 11

Justin, 28 – Hampstead, New Hampshire (USA) :

In trying to think of one Lost moment, one that many others might not reference, I was reminded of Kate’s story in “Whatever Happened, Happened”. Say what you want about the character of Kate (and I have chimed in on occasion), there have been moments of redemption, individuality, and strength – when she wasn’t used as a pawn for the feelings of Jack or Sawyer.

In particular, her taking on the responsibility of raising Aaron, and Cassidy’s conclusion that she needed Aaron as a sort of replacement for Sawyer, made me step back and think. I imagine in that moment, revealing to Claire’s mother that she had been taking care of Aaron, and she was going back to find Claire, wasn’t easy for Kate. In fact, I imagine it was one of the most difficult things she’d ever had to do. She loved that little boy, even though she knew she was never meant to raise him. She had to be unselfish, and motivated by something other than fear. She says “Bye, bye, baby” to Aaron, and we know she truly is losing something.

This episode marked for me, a turning point in Kate’s character. When she came back to the island, although there were residual feelings between Kate and Sawyer, she was not there to ignite them once again. She stuck to her purpose, and in the end became essential to the entire piece of the Lost saga.

To me, Lost has always been about the characters, and this moment solidified just how much we had come to care about them, even if at times we were unhappy about the road they’d been on.