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Pilot, part 1 • season 1 • episode 1

Jaclyn, 17 – Morristown, New Jersey (USA) :

I was 11 years old, getting out of the shower on a random night in September. My dad called me into his office to check out the special effects of a plane crash on a new show called Lost. I walked into his office in my towel, not even pausing to dry off and I was in amazement over the plane crash from the pilot. I never missed an episode after that and my curiosity and love for the show kept growing. From then on, everything revolved around this show and even though my friends used to say it was pathetic, it really changed my life, living through the characters and feeling their emotions as though they were real. This might not be a legit moment from an episode in Lost, but I wanted to shout out to everyone who feels the same way, and say thank you to J.J., Damon, and Carlton for providing me with the best six years of television I will ever experience in my life.