Exodus, Part 2 • season 1 • episode 24

Lorraine, 19 – Paris (France) :

I found out about Lost between the first and second season. I spent a few days doing only that, watching one episode after another. At the time I watched “Exodus”, the finale of the season 1, I kept thinking about this show. I was dreaming of it at night. To me, the idea of having to wait a couple of months before the follow up sounded like the end of the world.

Then, in the flashback’s last scene, when every passengers of the flight Oceanic 815 enter in the plane, I understood. Me too, I was embarking in a journey that was only at its beginning. I found the scene and its timing so poetic: it was the beginning of the story, at the end. For a season, we had came to know and love these characters. Watching them sit in the plane that would start it all, was not only a reminder of the road already travelled, but a hint at the journey ahead. That day, in front of my TV screen, I embarked on the plane too.