I love you, Penny… and I’ll never leave you again.

There's no place like home • season 4 • episode 14

Thomas, 22 – Chartres (France) :

Love, the power of Love. I guess that’s what Lost means to me.

I have too many favourite scenes to pick only one, yet one moment keeps popping in my head when I think about Lost : the long-awaited reunion of Desmond and Penny on her boat. One only needs to see how the two wonderful actors (Henry Ian Cusick and Sonya Walger) look at each other with a twinkle in their eyes, to sense that their love, their hope to meet again one day had never faded.

This is THEIR moment, that we get to share, despite our will, while we’d prefer to leave them alone, in their intimacy.

Their kissing is just energy in fusion, it comes and pierces our heart, the music is mesmerizing, we get goosebumps, and we’re happy, so happy for them that we almost forget it is only a TV show, and that those characters are not for real – though we’d love them to be. That way they could show the world that their love is eternal: a solid couple never, ever gives up.

They did everything they could to meet again. We had been waiting for two seasons. How incredible this scene is, so strong and passionate, there are no words to describe it.

Then, Desmond introduces his new friends to Penny. She doesn’t know them yet and it’s almost like we are meeting them for the first time, too, as if they were complete strangers. On that aspect, too, the scene is moving: we think of our Losties who finally get to meet a “normal” person. How great it must be for them to make a new friend out of this damn Island.

This magical moment perfectly sums up Lost. It is, I think, proof that true Love exists. That’s what the power of Love means.