Goodbye, Dad.

The Man Behind The Curtain • season 3 • episode 20

Eliot, 19 — Nancy (France) :

My Lost Moment happens in Season 3, when Ben and his father drive to the hill for a beer. It turns out to be their ultimate discussion. Benjamin solemnly asks his father if he really holds a grudge against him for having killed his mother when he was born. Roger can’t really answer him. This is very touching, but Ben is ice-cold. He shows no emotion — then put a gas mask under his father’s eyes, who doesn’t seem to understand what’s happening. Without a glance for his father, Ben proceeds to open the gas cylinder. While Roger spits blood, agonizing, you can feel Ben’s coldness in his eyes, matched by an intense soundtrack. Then he returns to Dharmaville. Terrific piano theme. All those bodies on the ground, innocent people who probably met the same distressed fate as his father… Those images, combined with the music, really are THE Lost Moment that could make me cry, because even if Ben looks unfazed, you can already tell the sadness and remorse in him.