The hatch

Man of Science, Man of Faith • season 2 • episode 1

Matt, 34 — Toronto (Canada) :

I had missed the first few episodes of the first season of Lost, so rather than try to find the missed episodes somewhere, I decided to watch it on DVD. Little did I know I would become hooked so quickly. So when I finished the DVD’s and had to wait for Season 2 to begin in the fall, I was ready.
The episode began with a record playing a tune by the Mamas and the Papas, and appeared to be a flashback… but whose was it? When the reveal was, well, revealed, I knew this was not only my new favorite show, but a brilliant new method of serial storytelling at it’s best. Amidst the compelling emotional scenes, the richness of the characters backstories, and the full mythology of the island, the Season 2 hatch-reveal remains one of the most incredible moments I experienced with the show.