Hold on, Charlie. Hold on there.

All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues • season 1 • episode 11

Karen, 20 – Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) :

This is the episode when they find out that one of the survivors, Ethan, was not one of the passengers on board of the plane. The show turned into a whole new direction when it came to the question “Are there others on the island?” Ethan kidnaps Claire and Charlie while Jack and Kate try to find them throughout the episode.
The moment that really got me was when they found Charlie hanging from a tree. Just the sight of that made my heart drop. They cut him loose and Jack was trying so hard to save his life. That was actually the first time the show gave me tears. I never before had cried on an episode of Lost till that scene came (Who knew later on through all the seasons I would cry more).
I felt just like Kate when Jack just started hitting him in the chest real hard. I was screaming on the inside “STOP!” Charlie was one of my favorite characters so the thought of him being dead just touched me like “Wow, these people aren’t invincible, they can die.
Finally Charlie regained consciousness and I started smiling with tears in my eyes. After that moment I knew this show wasn’t like the rest. It was different, and I actually cared about these characters. This is probably the only show that made me cry, laugh and cheer.