Not Penny’s Boat

Through the looking glass • season 3 • episode 23

Nathan, 21 – Mansfield (England) :

I remember, vividly, that the week season 3 premiered, I lost someone very close to me and I had so much trouble getting through this.
It wasn’t something I could overcome, then “Through the Looking Glass” aired.
Charlie had always been my favourite character, one I related to, So seeing his death brought a lot back to me and finally helped me forget of the pain I was holding.
This is something I’ll never forget and I owe Lost so much for helping me let go.

John :

God I loved Charlie. When he sacrificed himself in the Looking Glass. But what I didn’t understand was that when he locked himself in the room, he could of either swam out the window or he could have gotten Desmond, jumped into the ocean and gotten the hell out of there. God rest his soul.

Nicole, 17 – Palm Beach Gardens, Florida (USA) :

“Through the Looking Glass Part II” was my favorite episode. I know alot of people have probably already said that, but it’s true. Watching Charlie put his hand up the flooded window, “Not Penny’s Boat” was the first time I had every cried during a TV show. It was the first time I really cared about someone dying on a TV show (although it was pretty heart-breaking when Boone had to leave us too). Watching Charlie die made me realize that Lost meant something, that if I could feel so much saddness for a fictional character they must have been doing something right.