What about Jin and Sun?

The Candidate • season 6 • episode 14

Jenny, 21 – Portland, Maine (USA) :

Sun and Jin have just been forever lost to us… Jack is dragging Sawyer’s lifeless body onto the beach as Kate exclaims “I couldn’t find you, I couldn’t find you…” Then Kate says to Jack, her voice hoarse, already knowing, without hearing the reply “What about Jin and Sun?”  Jack simply shakes his head, fiercly holding back his tears… Hurley and Kate start to shake with their sobs, Jack forces himself up, instead of comforting them he walks over to the shoreline, hands at his sides, he looks up blinking back the tears that will come eventually, he stares at the night sky and as he sharply inhales, the scene cuts out…
I am a student, a photographer, a writer.  I am a lot of things, and I have been shaped by many people.  Lost has had a profound impact on my life, the meaning of friends has become sharper, clearer to me because of this show.