I came back here because I was broken. And I was stupid enough to think this place could fix me.

Lighthouse • season 6 • episode 5

Nick, 25 – Cleveland, Ohio (USA) :

Kate came back for Claire, Sayid was brought back in handcuffs, Hurley was told to by Jacob, and Sun came back for Jin.  But Jack came back because it was his only hope to kill the despair and heartbreak he had of leaving the Island and losing the person he was meant to be with.  Yet stepping foot on that island didn’t solve a single problem, so he tried to blow his problems away.  That just caused more problems to emerge.  It wasn’t until he let go, that he truly became the person he was meant to be.  This episode made him realize how important he was and gave him the definition he had been searching for throughout the series.  My life has mirrored Jack Shepherd’s and I’m just searching for my lighthouse.