We have to go back!

Through the looking glass • season 3 • episode 23

Elise, 35 – Bellerive (France) :

These are the final minutes of Season 3’s final episode. The Losties may have finally found a way to leave the Island. The flashbacks are Jack-centric, a pretty damaged Jack, devastated, who ends up convincing a mysterious person to meet with him at the airport. In the middle of the night, Jack painfully gets there, as does the other person. Jack drags himself out of his car. In the dark, we can’t see immediately who came to see him. The person comes closer, still undistinguishable. And there she appears. A familiar face. Kate! How come can she be there? In that time span preceeding the Island, Jack and Kate couldn’t know each other, could they? So, what does that mean? This wouldn’t be the past but… the future? The Losties did leave the Island?
Jack tells Kate they weren’t supposed to leave. She doesn’t listen to him and goes back to a “him” we still know nothing about. “We have to go back!“, Jack screams, “We have to go back!“.
This scene blew me away. I received a huge, virtual punch through the screen! And what an incredible performance by Matthew Fox. He amazed me for six seasons. Chapeau!

Joe, 28 – Port Huron, Michigan (USA) :

This, to me, pushed Lost from a great TV show to being an incredibly deep piece of media. I was in love with the show from day one. I remember watching the pilot and thinking “What is this place? What is the monster?” I remember going nuts thinking “What is the hatch?” and I remember being blown away by Desmond being the one in the hatch. Season 3 seemed to be dragging on, and the creators knew they had made a mistake in Nikki and Paulo, but they redeemed themselves with “Through the Looking Glass”. To me that cemented in my mind that Lost wasn’t going to be your standard fare sci-fi show. I knew that it was going to be something awe inspiring and meaningful, and that these characters had more depth that anyone was letting on. I will forever be endeared to this show, and this is the moment that sucked me in.

Loïc, 26 – Clermont-Ferrand (France) :

At first, I had a hard time making my choice, but this scene is undoubtedly  the one that turned me upside down. After a double episode about a bearded, utterly depressed Jack who blast Nirvana in a rubbish SUV, we were all convinced to see a flashback (after all, Jack saw his father in the hospital!), we finally learn that they left the Island… and that Jack wants to go back. I remember my reaction: I was on my bed, laying on the side, and when I saw that the woman he was calling on the phone was Kate, I sat up straight like “WAAAAAAAA!!!“. I then spoke to myself for a few minutes, thinking out loud how amazing this show was. I already knew it, but at that moment, I was blown away. I watched the episode again that same night, and kept thinking about it for days.

Luke, 19 – Bath (England) :

I remember I was on holiday the day that this episode aired in the US, so I had to wait about three days until I got to watch it. I remember the anticipation I had for this episode. Were they going to get off the island? Was Locke alive after being shot by Ben? Little did I know that they were off the island all along during Jack’s flashback! I was sat in shock at what I had just watched. To this day I don’t think I could tell you anything Jack and Kate were talking about. Only one sentence sticks in my head: “We have to go back!