What good will it do to kill you, if we’re both already dead?

Collision • season 2 • episode 8

Liané, 17 :

Season 2. The tail section castaways along with Michael, Jin and Sawyer come across Shannon and Sayid. An accident leads to Shannon being killed by Ana-Lucia. Sayid attacks and Ana-Lucia insists on tying him to a tree. Later she and Sayid speak. She feels guilty and unties him. She drops her gun and knife infront of him and tells him to kill her. He simply stands up, looks at her and says, ”What good will it do to kill you, if we’re both already dead?” … Sayid isn’t my favourite character, but he has some meaningful lines. Like the time Kate told him she thought she was going crazy because she saw a black horse. And he replied, ”I saw Walt in the jungle. Does that make me crazy?
My Lost moments are mostly lines and the atmosphere with them. Another favourite is when Locke caught Sun destroying her garden. She says that she’d never seen him angry. He says that he used to get angry and frustrated. So she says, ”You’re not frustrated anymore?” he answers, ”I’m not lost anymore.”. She asks, ”How?” and he replies, ”The same way anything lost ever gets found….. I stopped looking…” What a moment… I miss Lost. And twenty years from now, I will still miss it. I’m a Lost-slave for life.