I didn’t fix you. You fixed me.

Do No Harm • season 1 • episode 20

Steven, 20 — Mount Pleasant (Michigan, USA) :

Getting to know the background of Jack has always been insightful. In episode 20, “Do No Harm”, Jack says to Sara, “I didn’t write any vows. I’ve been trying to for a month, but I couldn’t. So I started to wonder why that was. And as time went on it only got worse, because I’m not good at letting go. Or maybe I’m afraid of what will happen if I fail. But I know one thing. I would have never been able to write anything as beautiful as what you just said. And last night, Sarah, when you were talking about the accident, you got it all wrong. I didn’t fix you. You fixed me. I love you, Sarah, and I always will.” It’s the kind of love that isn’t only understandable, but down right real. It’s the transition that Jack finally makes in the finale of acceptance that brings this side of Jack full circle.