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The Incident • season 5 • episode 17

Laurent, 25 — Orléans (France) :

This moment is magic because it’s a simple one, and because it couldn’t work if the characters didn’t have the consistency they earned season after season. This is also a scene sublimated by a music which reinforce the mythology.
We find ourselves with Hurley, Sayid, Miles, Jack and Kate near a Dharma Van. Jack just fought with Sawyer, his face severely damaged. Now he prepares himself to lay the bomb down the hatch of the Dharma Station under construction. Kate watches him, she half-says a phrase she can’t finish – Jack is already gone. There’s decency between the two, the decency of two lovers who lived too much, experienced too much and whose passion has cooled down. They aren’t able to express what they feel for each other anymore. Facing such an intense moment, they don’t know how to act.
Jack goes alone fighting the Dharma, his shoulders heavy, not knowing what he does. This clean and dull character lost himself along the way for a season, but now he finally comes back as a tormented – and way more interesting – hero.
He crosses Sawyer and Juliet. They glance at each other. Juliet sees Jack as a possible way out of the Island. Sawyer meets his old antagonism. This time though, it’s Sawyer who try to preserve lives, and preserve a society against Jack, who has become a savage, anarchic force, menacing to blow everything up.
This tiny scene reunites four characters thickened and matured by five seasons. We as viewers are too much involved not to fear the final issue of Jack’s mission: a general, back-to-the-plane amnesia, or the destruction of the Island.