I want you to give this to Claire for me.

Greatest Hits • season 3 • episode 21

Pat, 20 – New Jersey (USA) :

My favorite episodes in Lost were ones that focused mostly on the characters flashbacks rather than the mystery of the Island. My “Lost moment” comes from my favorite episode, “Greatest Hits”. In the flashbacks, it showed my favorite character Charlie and his brother Liam sharing in happy moments and acting more caring to one another unlike what we had seen in the past. Two other flashbacks showed Charlie step up and take care of Nadia, who was being robbed, and Claire, a pregnant survivor who was all alone. The last one showed Charlie being taught to swim by his father who, we are led to believe, did not have many other happy moments with Charlie.
These scenes each showed Charlie in a positive light, either affecting someone in a good way or being affected by someone in a good way. While I loved these scenes, my favorite scene was when he explained to Desmond why we were seeing these flashbacks. The audience knew we were about to say goodbye to one of the most beloved characters on the show. Right before he leaves, he hands Desmond a list of these flashbacks. He explains to him that these are what he considers to be the greatest moments in his life. He wants the list to go to Claire so she would know that meeting her was the best moment of his life.
This was the ONLY scene I had choked up watching. To me, it sets a good example of what life is supposed to be. The greatest moments in life will not come traveling around the world or doing crazy things, rather when you affect someone else’s life in a positive way. When Charlie jumped into the water, he was getting ready to do something else great for others.
Like Charlie, I am a bass player who has always been the small guy of the group. With these scenes, Charlie showed you do not have to be the biggest or the strongest to do great things.