The End

The End • season 6 • episode 17

Stephen, 21 – Darlington (United Kingdom) :

Lost gave me six years of incredible story-telling and even more importantly, a community of new friends. The show has been an excellent constant through my teenage years into adulthood with its mature style and story-telling. Whilst there have been innumerable moments throughout Lost that have been so emotionally and intellectually impacting from the get-go in the pilot, to the Locke having been paralysed reveal, to… well like I say, they are too great in number to list.
I think it would be safe enough for me to settle on one of Lost‘s final images as my “Lost moment”. Vincent is a character who has bounded in and out of the show, usually around a momentous event, but more importantly during an emotional one.
Man’s best friend accompanying a dying man, and the fact that my own dog walked into my lounge when Vincent plodded into the final scene of Lost just blew me over the edge.
I was already breaking up over such a powerful conclusion to the story: Jack’s sacrifice and the closure of Island narrative with the other character’s escapes and new on-island destinies as the entire series comes to full loop.
Any loved character dying is a heartbreaking moment, but this was such an emotional one as I was realising that the show was now concluded, it has completed its journey and moved on and that nobody does it alone, like Jack had Vincent, I was with my close Lost fan buddies as we all came to accept the end.