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Something nice back home • season 4 • episode 10

Liz, 17 – Syracuse (New York, USA) :

My favorite Lost moments are all the JATE ones. The first time they met, their first kiss… Every moment they had I loved. My favorite one was “Something nice back home” when she jumped on him and they started kissing. Amazing! Their love was real, Sawyer and her’s relationship was just beacuse she needed him. Like, there were more alike, she was a bad girl and he was a bad boy. She felt like the life she lived off the island was what she was used to in Sawyer. Jack was the real thing. He was what she really wanted but was scared. Jack changed her, she was afraid at first, and so was he…
They both showed how they felt for one another, but didn’t show it like they we’re supposed to. I always knew they were gonna end up together, the Island just wasn’t the place for them to be together, at THE END, that’s why they became ONE. I always wonder if they never met on the Island, would they have end together off the island. The Island was meant for them to meet and be together. They lived two different lives, but the Island forgot about everyone’s life they lived before, like a new person. I love JATE relationship, because they both knew they cared, but after a while, they tried not to show it – the whole Sawyer and Juliet thing that was going on in season 3 when they had to part, she was with Sawyer and he was with Juliet. But I always felt, it was a test, and it was always them two, they were just afraid. But it was always JATE.