Kate, dammit, RUN!

I Do • Season 3 • Episode 6

Jess, 19 — Lower Austria (Austria):

JACK: You remember what I told you on the beach? The day of the crash. You remember what story I told you when you were stitching me up? DO YOU REMEMBER IT?!

KATE: YES! Yes, I remember!

JACK: When you get safe, you radio me, and you tell me that story.

KATE: Jack, please.

JACK: If I don’t get a call from you in the next hour, I’m gonna know something went wrong, and HE DIES!

KATE: I can’t leave without you!

JACK: Yes, you are. Go!

KATE: Jack! I can’t!

JACK: Go, now!


JACK: Kate, dammit, RUN!

This has always been probably one of my top five favorite moments on Lost. It is so powerful and emotional. Every time I watch it, I could tear up. How Jack has to convince Kate that she has to leave without him and how she doesn’t want to accept it is just heartbreaking to me. “Kate, dammit, RUN!” will forever be one of my favorite lines on the show, especially since Kate is always on the run, but this time, she had to be convinced to run. I think that makes it very special.

I just love this scene so much.