A Tale Of Two Cities

A Tale Of Two Cities • season 3 • episode 1

Claire, 35 — Auckland (New Zealand) :

There are so many moments that defined the series for me and got me more and more hooked, right up to the end. I think one of the most significant moments was the start of Season 3. Very much like the start of Season 2: an “unknown” and strange location, music, the back of someones head… was this a flashback? So captivatingly intriguing. Questions flicked into my mind: pre-island? Who are these people? And then the realization: THE OTHERS LIVE IN HOUSES.  ON THE ISLAND.
Oh, the georgousness of it all! Then the shot with the plane overhead splitting and crashing.  Such a pivotal moment.  I introduced my best friends to Lost and there were certain episodes that I wanted to watch with them to see their reaction (“The Constant”, Charlies’ death, “Flashes before your eyes”, etc.) and this was one of them. They sat there stunned and then both exclaimed THE OTHERS LIVED IN HOUSES!
I wonder how many others around the world had the same reaction. For me it was pure bliss. The show had changed direction and my perceptions were wrong, there was a whole new concept. Thanks Lost for so many great moments!