You can’t go, Hurley. Because… you’re too big!

Greatest Hits • Season 3 • Episode 21

Taro, 40 — Barcelona (Spain) :

It’s hard for me to choose an intense and original Lost moment after so many contributions to your project. They are all “my moments” too… Lost is plenty of great and epic moments, in every season, in every episode and even in every scene.

In Lost we saw many hugs. They leave, they come back and reunite again and every time there are “hugs moments” and we love them… and usually they are happy moments. But there’s one really sad hug for me and it’s in season 3’s episode 21, “Greatest Hits”, when Charlie and Desmond are leaving the shore and Hurley arrives because he’s “sick of trekking” and wants to “help you guys out. I’m a really good paddler” and he doesn’t, but — sigh — we all know that Charlie is going to die. They are friends and it will be probably the last time they will meet together but Charlie has to be rude. He says “You can’t go, Hurley. Because… you’re too big! You won’t fit in the boat” and when Hugo leaves Charlie hugs him and it’s really a sad but nice hug. For me it’s the true “goodbye” of Charlie probably more than the “Not Penny’s boat”. There will be no big celebration for Charlie’s death in season 4 but I consider that little hug the biggest goodbye ever for a main character… and yes that’s my moment. I miss Lost.