Let’s look death in the face and say “Whatever, man.”

Tricia Tanaka is dead • season 3 • episode 10

Nicole, 20 – Warwick, Rhode Island (USA) :

Hurley has always been one of my favorite Lost characters, and this episode helps prove why I love him so much.
We know that Hurley has thought for a long time that he has no luck, and he pretty much lost all hope that he would ever get rid of “the curse”. In the beginning of the episode, we see Hurley telling his dad it’s stupid to try and start up the car when it needed a new carburetor, but his dad tells him hope is never a stupid thing to have.
Back in the present, Hurley is feverishly trying to get the Dharma van to start up, and everyone keeps shooting him down.  He goes to Charlie for help, and he argues with Hurley about what the point of it is, when Hurley says this: “Look, I don’t know about you, but things have really sucked for me lately and I could really use a victory. So, let’s get one, Dude. Let’s get this car started. Let’s look death in the face and say ‘Whatever, man’. Let’s make our own luck. What do you say?
Since the day this aired, I have tried to live my life by that quote.  Life is too short to be afraid.  Take risks and always remember that hope is never Lost (terrible pun intended).