Let me go, Jack.

Do no harm • season 1 • episode 20

Tristen, 22 – Greenville, South Carolina (USA) :

With Boone’s death, Lost turned a corner – and not just because his was the first death of a major character. As insignificant as many people see him and his death it was really anything but. Boone was my favorite character however not even I could have ever imagined the significance it held.
The way I see it: his death gave way to a new life – Aaron’s. It saved a life – Desmond’s (it resulted in Locke pounding on the hatch out of frustration, which kept Desmond from adding a second splatter to the hatch ceiling.) His death was also a major catalyst in the struggle between Jack and Locke that would span the next five seasons. Lastly, it gave us a glimpse into how the island works, in that it “demanded his life” as a sacrifice.
Arguably the most important aspect of Boone’s death would be some of his final words: “I know you made a promise. I’m letting you off the hook. Let me go, Jack.” Little did we know way back then just how significant those words would be; they essentially foreshadowed exactly how the next five seasons would play out and inevitably what it would all come down to – Jack “letting go.”