A3A 0051 AQ

The End • season 6 • episode 17

Alan, 32 – San Francisco, California (USA) :

I rented a hotel room just to watch the series finale of Lost. I was staying with my family and knew that I would probably –happily– be a teary mess by the time the show was over and I wanted to be sure that I was somewhere where I could blubber in peace. So I drove to Santa Cruz, CA to a room with a view of the ocean, I thought it would be a perfect place to watch the end of my favorite story ever. I sat through the clip show before the finale, munching on snacks bought at the corner liquor store and started to get anxious. “Was I a complete moron for going to all this trouble just to watch an episode of television?
Finally 9:00 came and the show started and the very first thing I saw was Christian’s coffin coming out of an Oceanic Airlines plane and immediately I thought: “Oh, God, this whole show has been about Jack reuniting with his father. Of course. How heartbreaking. How beautiful.” (This may have something to do with my own dead dad issues.) I knew, right then, that all the time and energy I had spent on the show for that night –and over the previous years– was worth it. And, once the show was over, after bawling my eyes out (I was right, I was a mess), I went out on the balcony and stared out into the ocean and was happy that I was not a moron. Not in this case, anyway.