What about me?

The Incident • season 5 • episode 17

Luke, 22 – Atlanta, Georgia (USA) :

Imagine if you had the chance to express to whatever god you believed in, the amount of loss and disappointment you suffered in life because of having faith. The moment in “The Incident” where Ben confronts Jacob seems like it would feel exactly that way. It’s a profound moment for a lot of reasons. Not only do we have to reconcile the reveal of the mysterious Jacob, but for the first time, we actually get to attach a relatively human relationship to him.
Probably the most profound reason is that it is Ben’s most vulnerable moment. Not only do you understand him, but it’s hard not to deeply sympathize from where he is coming from. Michael Emerson brilliantly plays the scene with such despair and longing. “What was it that was so wrong with me… What about me?” asked Ben. “What about you?” says Jacob. There are few heartbreaking scenes like this on Lost.