Yes, Jack, she’s very happy.

A Tale of Two Cities • season 3 • episode 1

Marc, 39 – New York (USA) :

There have been a lot of moments on Lost that have inspired me, intrigued me, or moved me, but only one inspired me to write a book, intrigued me enough to get it published, and moved me to begin giving presentations. That moment came during the third season premiere, when Jack was locked in the cage and Juliet took out a file on him. Jack asked Juliet if his wife was okay, and she replied that she was.

It was a pretty ordinary moment, but something about it brought about an epiphany for me–a theory that became the outline for my book The Myth of Lost. I get into more details in the book, but the basic question I had at the time was how Juliet knew so much about Jack, and why did it seem that she was trying to help him get over his issues?

This one moment led to an entire theory. I guess that’s my Lost moment! It wasn’t my favorite scene, or even a particularly memorable one, but it’s the one that changed my life.

Marc Oromaner is an award-winning copywriter and author with eighteen years of television and advertising experience. His extensive knowledge of pop culture and spirituality has helped him decipher numerous myths in the media. He lives in New York City, where he is working on an update to his book, The Myth of Lost. Oromaner’s ultimate goal is to help unlock the messages hidden in movies, TV, and music that can help us uncover our own inner superhero.