Something tells me he never got around to making that call.

Exodus, Part 1 • season 1 • episode 23

Samuel, 17 – Syracuse, NY (USA) :

When I first viewed the relationship between Jack and Sawyer in the first Season, I didn’t really believe they would ever be connected in any way or ever be on the same page with one another. I always thought their relationship was going to be nothing but conflict, and competition over Kate. This scene with Jack and Sawyer really changed my view of their relationship with one another. Sawyer telling Jack how he met his father in a bar in Sydney, Australia created a big turn in their relationship.
This was my first look of Sawyer’s inner good side because he passed on this message from Christian to Jack, a message that Christian felt too pathetic to pass on to Jack from a telephone in the bar in Sydney. Christian wanted to tell Jack that “he was sorry” and that Jack is “a better doctor then he’ll ever be“. This was something that Jack needed to know because he believed his father felt betrayed by him, but really he was “proud” of him. This scene was quite emotional and very unexpected. After Sawyer said “Small world, huh?” I came to realize that everyone of these characters are possibly going to be somehow connected in different ways also, even if their backgrounds are highly different. I found this to be my Lost Moment because it’s really the first time I ever saw these two distinctive characters have a connection, a connection that both of them came to be aware of in a quite emotional way.