Now that’s what life’s all about. Laughin’ and lovin’ each other.

Recon • season 6 • episode 8

Ashley, 27 – Dallas, Texas (USA) :

My mother struggled with chronic health problems for the last five years of her life. In March 2010, she was in the ICU at the local hospital, and it became clear that her days with us were nearing an end. Lost had been a huge part of my life, and the one respite that I had during this particular storm.

On what would turn out to be the last week of my mother’s life, I could not wait for the Tuesday night hour of escape that I knew Lost would bring. I spent the four days leading up to Tuesday, March 16 saying goodbye to my mom, not knowing if she’d still be there the next day when I woke up.

That Tuesday the episode “Recon” aired, where one particular scene greatly stood out to me. Sawyer silently made a frozen dinner and watched television. His program of choice was Little House on the Prairie. This is a show that was my mother’s absolute favorite. Her hearing was bad, and I distinctly remember overhearing that damn theme song blasting from her room daily, from my childhood up until the days before her final admittance into the hospital.

Not only was my mom’s favorite show featured as a part of my favorite show that week, but the Little House clip that they included spoke directly to my aching soul. It told me that people aren’t really gone when they die, and that life is about the connections you make with those you love.

Less than two days later, my mom was gone.

I felt as if that moment was placed in that episode specifically for me to see and witness. It was there to comfort me, and only me. Lost is the one thing that I gave any attention to besides her hospital room that week, and while turmoil and chaos raged inside of me, the message that I so desperately needed to hear was given to me, placed in the one spot I’d be sure to see and absorb it. My mother was unable to speak to me during that week, so her favorite characters spoke for her, while one of my favorites watched and learned alongside me.

I needed that.

That was my Lost moment.