This is my destiny. I’m supposed to do this, dammit!

Walkabout • season 1 • episode 4

Keith, 33 – Sacramento (California, USA) :

For me, the reveal of Locke being able to walk again was the epitome of the Lost experience. It was about regaining faith, being healed, and having a destiny on The Island. When Locke sat discouraged in the Melbourne Walkabout Tours office, trying to convince the tour guide to be brought along and screaming at him it was his destiny, he so desperately wanted to believe he was important and he was special. He had finally gotten over his depression and made the arrangements to take the tour despite his “condition”. He had finally gotten up his courage to deal with what his father did to him by something constructive like going on a journey of self-exploration instead of just sitting around dreaming and being scared.
So when that tour guide told him “No, John. You can’t (do this)”, once again he was hit with the awful truth of the limitations of his life.

Cut to-

John Locke wiggling his toes on the beach after the crash. The miracle happened. He wasn’t forsaken after all. He wasn’t lost anymore. He was saved; healed. It all made sense now. “This is your destiny John. You wanted to believe so badly in things all your life, but each time you were disappointed often with disastrous results. Then when you woke up on that beach and…” well let’s just say it was as big of an enlightenment for John Locke, as what laying in The Source was for Jack in “The End”.
For me this moment epitomized what Lost was about. Redemption. They all came to The Island for a reason and we were shown how miraculous those reasons were for the first time with Locke being healed. We didn’t have to wait until the very last episode to see them all in the church. We got a glimpse of it very early on.