Come on, you son of a bitch!

The Incident • season 5 • episode 17

Grace, 20 — Singapore :

This is hard, because I can’t exactly pinpoint the one moment that has captured my heart. I guess I will have to go with one of my favourites, which is a Juliet moment.
It is the final scene in “The Incident”, right after she falls down the shaft. She wakes up all bloody and she is alone. She is broken inside, in physical pain, in emotional pain. I imagine all the people flashing through her mind as she lies there, crying. Sawyer, Rachel, Julian.
Then she sees the bomb, and she makes the decision to set it off. In Season 6, we learn that the reason behind her action is so Sawyer could get off the island. Not that she could go home, as we know it has been her desire since her introduction to Lost.
Juliet has had many selfless moments on Lost, from letting others leave the island first and saving Ben, but this is the one scene that hits me the hardest. In her last dying moments, she is still trying to put others first.