We’re gonna need to watch that again.

Orientation • season 2 • episode 3

Katie, 18 – California (USA) :

Season two was already off to an amazing start down in the hatch, and with the computer broken, things had reached a new level of intensity. Desmond begins to explain to Jack what the stakes are if the computer is not repaired, and finally tells him just to watch the film. Jack and Locke set up the projector and sit down. I’m on the edge of my seat, certain that this, yes, this will explain everything I’ve been wondering about for a year.
Pierre Chang (or Marvin Candle, I suppose) shows up on screen and begins to tell us all about the Dharma Initiative. My mind races, hanging on every word, trying to use all this new information to create an elaborate theory explaining what the island is and what these people are there for. The video ends, and Locke steals the words right out of my mouth – “We’re gonna need to watch that again“.
We still didn’t know much, but now we knew what the hatch was. It was the first real answer, and it was fantastic. Of course, it left a hundred new questions in its wake, but that moment was magical. I knew I loved the show, but now I knew I was addicted.