Exposé • season 3 • episode 14

Gideon, 21 – Athens (Georgia, USA) :

I came in a little bit late to Lost (I watched seasons 1 and 2 before season 3 aired), so I had already been spoiled for a majority of the twists and deaths. But in “Exposé”, an episode widely panned by a majority of viewers, came two deaths that I wasn’t spoiled for. I actually enjoyed “Exposé”, it reminded me of old Twilight Zone episodes I used to watch on Thanksgiving weekend with my dad. It was little bit of CSI: Lost and a little bit Twilight Zone, with Billie Dee Williams thrown in to give it a bit of class.
The twist ending of the episode, where Nikki and Paulo are buried alive, gave me chills. Every single time I see that scene, it gives me chills. The entire episode is a build up to this moment, when you realize that Nikki and Paulo aren’t dead, but just paralyzed, and these two characters that we have loved for two and half seasons, Hurley and Sawyer, are about to bury these hated newcomers alive. Nikki’s eyes flying open, and knowing that she knows that she’s dead, but unable to do anything is a perfect shot. Giacchino’s score is perfectly suited to the morbid end, building and building as Hurley and Sawyer pile more and more sand on the grave of the living. When the gravediggers pick up their shovels and walk away, Lost does the same to the viewer, forcing the shock and pulling no punches.