Why do you keep looking at me?

Jughead • season 5 • episode 3

Randy, 20 – Kansas City (Missouri, USA) :

Three years after the Losties left the island, we are in a church where there is a room in the back. In this room we meet Elderly Eloise. Later we find out that it is Daniel’s mother. Surprise! She talks about finding the island and going back. At first I thought she was crazy and I wondered to myself how in the world she could know all this stuff.
Then, after many episodes of travelling through time we end up with a small group of people handling a very large bomb. One of those group members was a 20 or so year old blonde girl. Halfway through the episode she states that her name is Elly.
That moment was infinite for me, I pieced it together instantly that Ely was Eloise when she was younger. She became my favorite character of the show after that, for reasons I still do not know of.