Guys, where are we?

Pilot, Part 2 • season 1 • episode 2

Sara, 20 – Budapest (Hungary) :

I remember when I first saw the Pilot, I kept thinking “What the hell is going on?” – as I’m sure millions of others did too. At the end of the second part, when they hear Rousseau’s signal and actually realize that there’s someone on the Island for 16 years and she probably never been rescued, this expression on Charlie’s face when he says “Guys, where are we?” just perfectly sums up everything about the Pilot and even the first season as a whole, when the audience, as well as the Losties, knew absolutely nothing. I think this scene, this question, kind of prepared you for the great journey that is/was Lost.
This may be a cliche that I chose this moment but it was the very first cliffhanger, one of the firsts of the many WTFs and I remember how it gave me chills. It still does. Not to mention after he said it, just bamm… LOST. I was like, “Wait, what just happened? They can’t end it here!” With this at the Pilot’s climax, they bought me for 6 terrific seasons.