‘Cause I wanted you to believe we had a damn chance.

I do • season 3 • episode 6

Hannah, 24 – Cleveland, Ohio (USA) :

This is a scene that I think a lot of people had been impatiently waiting for and anticipating a long time. From the moment the scene starts with Kate telling Sawyer about the situation with Jack and Ben, you see the shield that Sawyer puts up. He truly loves Kate but he doesn’t want to get his hopes come crashing down on him if she doesn’t feel the same way. When she yells at him for not telling her they’re on another island, he responds that he did it because, “I wanted you to believe that we had a chance.” Exactly what any person would do for someone they love… give them hope. While this is happening, the gorgeous love theme for Sawyer and Kate, “Romancing the Cage” written by Michael Giacchino begins to play. Kate kisses Sawyer and the famous “Cage sex” ensued.
What I thought was so beautiful about how it was delivered, is the fact that you could see in Sawyer’s eyes how deeply he loves Kate and when she starts unbuttoning his shirt, it was as if he was thinking, “Wow, this is really happening.” It was very important that she initiated it and not him. I loved the fact that unlike the other scenes we had seen him sleeping with different women, he didn’t rush because he wanted to take every second of it in… It was the difference between having sex with someone and making love with someone. The way Sawyer looks at Kate radiates love. I know some Sawyer/Juliet and Kate/Jack fans won’t share My Lost Moment, but I have been and always will be a SKATE fan.