I don’t understand you… but I believe you.

The Lie • season 5 • episode 2

Henrique, 23 – Santiago de Compostela (Spain) :

The kind and charismatic character that is Hugo Reyes is more than a comic relief. As the series evolved, Hurley transformed into a fundamental element: he is the fans’ voice inside the screen. Therefore, if I had to choose one scene that represents my connection with the series, it would be this moment of “The Lie” where Hurley attempts to explain to his mother what happened to him and the rest of Ocean 6 on the island. Anyone who have ever tried to explain the series to a neophyte surely omitted a lot of things and ended feeling like he/she did not do justice to the plot of Lost. But Hurley finds in this moment what any amateur of the science fiction feuilletons rarely find: understanding. What could have been a self-parody sequence turns into a big emotional moment which openly connects with us viewers. And then, what truly depict “Lost” is not a complete summary of cheats and absurdity, but the answer of Mrs. Reyes : “I believe you. I don’t understand you… but I believe you“.