And God help us if it ever leaves this island! Because if it–

Everybody loves Hugo • season 6 • episode 12

Heather, 21 – Hattiesburg, Mississippi (USA) :

My best friend and I watched the last season of LOST together. Both of us hate when stupid, impractical things happen on TV shows that aren’t consistent with the logic of the show over all. In Season 6, Episode 12 (“Everybody Loves Hugo”), we got so frustrated with Ilana when she was just throwing the dynamite around carelessly. “Really, LOST? After everything you said about the dynamite, you’re going to let her get away with that?” A few seconds later, she exploded. We laughed hysterically, and at that moment we were thankful that a show that can be as crazy as LOST at least sticks to its own logic. It never really let us down.