She’s a pawn, nothing more.

The Shape of Things to Come • season 4 • episode 9

Adriane, 20 – San Francisco, California (USA) :

His eyes wide, his lips nearly trembling, he continues to speak, desperately waiting for his words to have some kind of effect on the grinning mercenary standing outside the window, holding his daughter at gunpoint. “I stole her as a baby from an insane woman. She’s a pawn, nothing more.” He tries again: “She means nothing to me.” Ben stands his ground. “I’m not coming out of this house. So if you want to kill her, go ahead and do it–” BANG. Alex slumps to the ground as Ben’s eyes widen further, and for once, he is wordless, his face frozen in shock, then pain, as the image of his dead daughter burns into his memory forever. In this moment, Benjamin Linus becomes human, his loss echoing through every step he will take over the remainder of the series, and when he later says goodbye to his daughter, I cry with him.