Man of science, man of faith • season 2 • episode 1

Yannick, 27 – Monte-Carlo (Monaco) :

After months of endless wait, some tidbits of the hatch could at least be revealed trough the healthy daily routine of an unknown man. I spent the whole 05′ summer like millions of other Lost fans, wondering what could possibly be inside that strange bunker. Spaceship? Atomic shelter? Underground city? As always with Lost, we were all far from the truth! At first sight, it looked like a charming apartment with all the needed conveniences… But as Jack finally enters the Swan Station, a totally different face of this mysterious place is shown: the strange mural painted on the wall, the magnetic force behind the concrete wall and the computer equipment under the geodesic dome. I remember feeling intrigued, curious, tensed – the Mama Cass tune startled the hell out of me – and more lost than ever!
The climax occurs when the mysterious gunman, holding Locke hostage, is revealed to be Desmond, a guy Jack met a couple of years ago. As I didn’t make the connection between the man we saw in the first scene and the running guy in the stadium, I truly shared Jack’s surprise when he recognizes him. The way Matthew Fox said “You…?!” was perfect, I was totally with him: I entered the hatch begging for answers, and I ended up with more questions than ever, willing to understand if it was coincidence, fate or manipulation. I was astonished, what a brilliant way to start this new season! Jeez, the feeling I had at this particular moment was pure magic, it was like being a child again, as excited and dreamy as with Star Wars, Back to The Future, Saint Seiya or Zelda, my all-time classics.