You believe me? You still care about me?

The Constant • season 4 • episode 5

Andrew, 22 – Dallas, Texas (USA) :

In the craziness of the episode “The Constant”, there was one shining moment of wonderful clarity: when Desmond finally speaks to Penny on the phone.
In a show that was so much about longing, yearning, waiting, and hoping, this moment captured the feelings that resonated so deeply in me. We weren’t sure if the islanders would ever be safe or who would make it out alive, but we knew what Desmond knew when he talked to Penny, saying with desperate joy, “You believe me? You still care about me?” The waiting was worth it; the hoping was justified; the yearning and longing, for  just a moment, were satisfied.

Lysa – New England (USA) :

I love Lost for so many reasons but the moments that still give me chills are all about, oh goodness me, the romance!  For so long the story of Desmond and Penny was built up, built up, more and more.  Well, once that scene happens, that scene when Desmond speaks to Penny on the phone for the first time since he had crashed into that damned island –  I cried happy tears and lots of them.

Chris, 30 — New York (USA):

My wife and I have been together ten years (beginning our relationship shortly before the show started). We didn’t get into the show until a few years in but when we did, we immediately fell in love together (and with) Desmond and Penny.
The theme of “My Constant” echoed so true to us and has stuck with us ever since. The moment Desmond connects with his constant was one of, if not, the most powerful moment on television to us.
We would later go on to call each other one another’s constant in our own wedding vows, name our dog Penny and our son Desmond. We’ve had ten years with Lost and we wouldn’t be the same people without it. That moment is forever our favorite moment in the show — second to their finding one another again at the end of Season 4.
Here’s to the “Constants”.